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Warm Ups #4 art zine: Print Edition

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Here's the 4th issue of Warm Ups!

I start every day with a warm up, a sketch done for study and fun. I draw many things for various clients throughout the day, but the first drawing of the day is for me.

And now it’s for you too.

Each issue will be one full sketchbook of drawings. The raw, unvarnished, true line, direct from my hand to the paper, scanned and sent out to you.

To get any closer to the work you’d have to be holding the actual sketchbooks themselves.

Thanks for supporting this project. If all goes well, you can look forward to this zine every 2 months.




Full color professional printing.


Heavy 130lb cover stock.

100lb interior pages.

32 pages (28 interior, 4 with inside and back covers, all feature art!).

A random sticker.

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An autographed copy of Warm Ups 4 plus a random sticker

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Warm Ups #4 art zine: Print Edition

0 ratings
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